Sensual Coaching and Intimate Massage Therapy
Sensual Coaching and Intimate Massage Therapy

Sensual Massage Sydney

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    Intimate Massages

    Sensuality Coach Nickolas offers massage services unlike any other in Sydney.

    Massage Services

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    Remote Coaching

    Via Phone or Webcam Nickolas teaches Individuals and Couples to enhance or regain their sexuality.

    Remote Coaching

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    Massage Classes

    During a private session Nickolas offers hands on or off consultation and training.

    Private Classes

Does it require a HUGE effort just to remember what is was like to be touched…

    • Have you and your partner lost the spark that used to make your lovemaking sizzle?
    • Are you a single woman scared she may never orgasm?
    • Are you exhausted 24/7?
    • Do you want to make a change in your life, reset the ‘default browser’ of your life and connect mind-body-spirit in a way you can’t even imagine?
    • Are you looking for a weekly intimate coaching sessionby Skype or phone?
    • Have you always yearned for better sexual fitness and performance, to be a better lover for not just your partner but to yourself? Have you always sensed there was more to learn about your sexuality but feared asking for a lesson?

Are you simply looking for a calm peaceful state of mind?

Or an Earth-shattering full-body orgasm?!

They call it the ‘present’ because pretty much it is…your life, right at this moment. What you are experiencing, what you feel, see, taste, hear and touch are a gift, a present, something we all need to cherish.
Unfortunately we lose sight of the unique passing moments of everyday life, all of us. Raising children, trying to get to work on time (and staying focused in the repetition of our work), attempting to inject a little intimacy with our lover-or even ourselves-when the very last thing we are thinking of is anything even remotely sexy, let alone getting naked! We take for granted that the moment is now, that we should seize, squeeze and lick every thick sweet drop of every day, that we have the power to effect any change we want and that all we ever need is within us, mind/body/spirit locked together…right here, right now, in the present.

This is what Nickolas’ Sensual Massage Sydney is about.

  • Connecting you back to the real you, to present pleasures, to the power you’ve locked away because of life’s stresses; building a stronger and more deeply intimate bridge between you and your mate; teaching you how to release all the sexual energy potential you have ready and coiled just aching to be freed in the most complete pleasurable journey you have ever experienced: Nickolas does all this and more.

  • Relax to expert touch, learn exactly how you are wired and what best “plugs-in” your libido electricity and revel in what you have been missing, knowing you’ll never have to miss it ever again. Imagine lying down before a man who lives only to unfurl your ultimate power of pleasure, who welcomes your full womanhood, who lives to please you and to show you how to please yourself forever after.

For couples, the single woman, remote online intimacy coaching

  • The intimate full body massage of Nickolas, your Sydney masseur is an experience unlike any other you will enjoy. We welcome you to pursue these webpages and determine which package works best for you or for you and your mate. As you can certainly tell, Nickolas’ attention is focused in a woman-centric approach, as he believes that alone or part of a couple, the pleasure of intimacy begins with the woman and is ultimately controlled by what she knows, what she can feel and what she feels comfortable to share. Find what was never lost but that has been submerged by the dramas of life, recognize what will bring you

  • ultimate happiness and peace, longer/better/more satisfying orgasms-and learn how to ask for your needs without fear-and to greet your day with a hyper sensitivity of who you are, what you want and how your body works you need only to reach out for Sensual Massage Sydney. Let Nickolas take your hand and lift you to a mysterious trip through the furthest reaches of your awareness, steer you far from the Earth around you and return you safely renewed, ready and empowered in the totality of who you are right now.

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